Whiteside Museum, Seymour Texas

Ancient History comes alive for Seymour Elementary students attending the Kids On the Land program 2019.

The students are learning about the incredible history of the land where they live. Seymour is where some of the most famous bones and fossils you have never heard of have been found.

Nearly complete fossilized skeletons of Dimetrodons have been found in this Rolling Plains Eco Region. You can see models of the large lizard-ish animal with a large sail along its backbone in the museum’s main hall. Director Chris Flis calls these animals the largest land-walking creatures at the time they existed about 287 million years ago. For a little perspective, the T. rex didn’t come along until about 68 million years ago.

The most famous fossil discovery occurred around the beginning of the 1900s with Seymouria, which scientists believe shows the connection between reptiles and amphibians.

We are so excited to work with the Whiteside Museum this week when the 5th grade students join Kids On the Land on the Donnell Ranch.

The Whiteside Museum understands the importance of connecting children to the history of the land where they live. Taking them back to prehistoric times sparks their imagination helping to create a new generation of scientists.