Volunteer comments

Region and ecosystem specific-Kids On the Land is packed full of concepts and ideas adapted to the landscape they are taught in. Many children spend hours watching nature programs on TV and learning in school about rain forests, endangered species, etc. While these are worthy subjects, kids (and adults for that matter) can come away with the impression that nature is a destination, wholly detached from their everyday world. Ecosystem specific lessons help reconnect children with the place they live. Creating that connection fosters awareness of how daily choices impact our landscape, helping to build a more aware and invested citizen.

Teacher comments

The students had a hands-on chance to apply previously taught concepts. They could actually “see” what they had learned. This made the concepts more meaningful. Most of our students are “town” kids, and they don’t get a chance to explore all the resources around them. Thanks for all you and your team bring to our students.

It helped them understand our environment and that there is a lot available for us to learn about where we live.

It was a wonderful day. The students always enjoy it very much. I love the content and the addition of the wind turbine and how you compared/contrasted that to the windmill to pump water.

The day was great. The material was well organized and the presentations were exceptional. The students were actively involved. I feel they learned (hands on) material that had been presented in class and KOL expanded the walls of our classroom to the outdoors.

Our students mostly live in a town and have never been exposed to thinking of our environment or the thought of being stewards of our land and water.