Activity #4 – Make your own Rain Gauge

We are so Thankful for Water! 

Wonderful water:  Every living thing needs water to survive.  Humans can live only about 3 days without water.  We depend on water for drinking.  We need water to grow food.  We bathe in water.  We need water to make things we use in our lives, from clothes to cars.  We are so thankful for water!

We all have first-hand experience with water, every day, every minute.  Water surrounds us.  It is in the air we breathe.  It is in the air as rain, ice, snow, steam, and fog.  It is in lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, and glaciers.  It makes up most of the volume of plants and animals, including humans.  Humans are about 65% water.  Your blood is about 80-90% water, and your muscles are about 75% water.

Our planet is often called the Water Planet.

The water we have today is the same water we have always had on Earth.  Each drop is used over and over again.  If dinosaurs had brushed their teeth, the same water they used would be what we are using today to brush ours.  Why is that?

The Water Cycle, of course.

I’m sure you know something about the water cycle, but let’s review.