Partnership with the Dixon Water Foundation

Kids On the Land partners with The Dixon Water Foundation to teach a next generation of Texans to love the land where they live and give them knowledge to grow up and protect our environmental resources.

We are working together to successfully expand the classroom walls out of doors. Scholars in this STEM environmental education program use math and science in hands on learning experiences.

Third graders do the work of an entomologist, learning all about insects.

One of our favorites is the Cochineal insect. The students learn the history of the “Perfect Red”

Fourth graders learn to be naturalists!

There are so many ways seeds are dispersed! It is so much fun to know they are part of the cycle!

Making seedballs is the perfect hands on exercise for fourth graders!

We are so grateful for our partnership with the Dixon Water Foundation and the work we are all doing to create the next generation of land stewards.