Partnering with the Morningside Children’s Partnership

Although Fort Worth is a prosperous American city, the Morningside neighborhood, a 2.2 square mile community of about 8,000 residents on the southeast side, has been suffering from high unemployment, violence, substandard health care, and low educational outcomes for years. In fact, the community’s crime rate is significantly higher than Fort Worth in every category. Considering that the average income for a family of four is less than $20,000 and 73% of the community’s high school students are “at-risk of dropping out,” Morningside is troubled. However, after years of being a distressed community in the heart of Fort Worth, Morningside has come together to rebuild the neighborhood. With the help of a planning grant from the Rainwater Charitable Foundation and the Sid Richardson Foundation, the Morningside Children’s Partnership (MCP) was formed in 2012 as an expression of the community’s commitment to stronger families and a safer and revitalized future.

KIDS ON the LAND has partnered with Morningside Children’s Partnership through the Edward J. Briscoe Elementary School and the Dixon Water Foundation to bring this unique STEM environmental education program to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade scholars.

KIDS ON the LAND is expanding and reaching more elementary students each year. With continuing cuts to public school funding, enrichment programs like KIDS ON the LAND become increasingly important. You have an opportunity to help us on North Texas Giving Day next week where your contributions will be multiplied! We have matching donors that will match your donation 1 to 1 up to $10,000. When you give $25 or more to KIDS ON theLAND through on September 17th your donation will be amplified through bonus funds and prizes from the Communities Foundation of Texas.

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