North Texas Giving Day 2014

Cowboy Joe and KIDS ON the LAND started the day out at WFAA -TV with many other non-profits rallying the community for North Texas Giving Day! High Fives from WFAA – TV anchor Brian!

KIDS ON the LAND made a lot of new friends all of who had great causes!

Cowboy Joe and KIDS ON the LAND love the PEROT MUSEUM!

The little wranglers from the Fort Worth YWCA were happy to meet Cowboy Joe. Their performance on the Sundance Square stage in Fort Worth was great.

MavsChamp was really interested in Cowboy Joe and KIDS ON the LAND.

New friend Zoe and Cowboy Joe bonded over her Equest pony Crunchy. Zoe was raising money to buy carrots for Crunchy. Can you spot mini CBJ…. Zoe especially liked him.

Cowboy Joe is thinking BIG and excited about next year’s North Texas Giving Day. KIDS ON the LAND is so grateful to have been included in North Texas Giving Day 2014.