Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn

“When students use their bodies in the learning process, it can have a big effect.” Sian Beilock, professor of psychology at the University of Chicago.

“We can start leveraging the power of our bodies to help us learn, think and perform at our best,” Beilock said. Too often students are cooped up inside for six or more hours, sometimes without an adequate recess, and more likely than not, with little attention paid to how their bodies could be powerful learning tools in the classroom.

KIDS ON the LAND got children outside last week at the Richards Ranch in Jacksboro for our unique Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) environmental program. We are using outdoor learning to reconnect children to the land where they live.

In the 3rd grade program children learn to do the work of an entomologist, and participate in an insect relay that teaches them to how insects move, eat, see and communicate.

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The Hackley Family, the Jacksboro community and state wide LINKS, the Jackboro ISD and the KIDS ON the LAND team all came together for a wonderful week of outdoor learning last week. Stay tuned for more great photos from our Jacksboro 2016 program.