One of our favorite fall programs is when we connect the Roscoe, Highland and Blackwell Elementary Schools with the 69 Ranch. Our incredible leaders Peggy Maddox and Katherine Dickson introduce “All About Insects” to the 3rd graders, teaching them to be reconnected to the land where they live.

The Lady Bug Story and Release is always a favorite!

Cowboy Joe has a way of finding out what our scholars are learning!

Dr. Paul teaches our scholars to collect and observe insects. This is an exciting day for the third graders!

Learning about the insect lifecycle is a key module for Kids On the Land!

An Insect Relay is a great way to teach how insects eat, move, and communicate.

The Texas Honeybee Guild is wonderful partner and the scholars love the bees.

A beautiful breakfast of grasshopper, watercress, basil and sunflowers! Dr. Paul just keeps perfecting this meal that intrigues (among other things) the scholars.