Fostering a Love of Nature

It is our hope at Kids On the Land that children will develop the environmental values to become the future stewards of the Earth who will preserve the diversity and wonder of nature.

We had some amazing programs this spring in North Texas. Our friend and partner the Dixon Water Foundation hosted Kids On the Land at their Leo Unit. It is an amazing teaching environment!

Young children tend to develop emotional attachments to what is familiar and comfortable for them (Wilson 1996). We truly believe this and know we are fostering these emotional attachments as we teach these amazing students.

The more personal children’s experience with nature, the more environmentally concerned and active children are likely to become (Bunting & Cousins 1985, Harvey 1989). “Children have an innate need to be in nature and nature needs a new generation to be connected to the land and take us to a more sustainable future.” Peggy Maddox, Executive Director