“All About Insects” with Uplift William’s Prep 3rd Grade Scholars

Kids On the Land turned Uplift William’s Preparatory Lower school campus into an outdoor classroom recently. The Third Grade scholars learned “All About Insects” during their day with Kids On the Land.

Scholars learned how insects eat, move and communicate through a hands on activity. The “Insect Relay Race” is always a big hit. Upper school scholars joined us as interns and volunteers and had just as much fun as the younger scholars.

The Uplift William’s Prep School Garden is a learning center year around and the scholars were excited (and a little nervous) to release ladybugs to help their beautiful plants. Did you know that during it’s lifetime, a ladybug may consume as many as 5,000 plant destroying aphids?

The Texas Honeybee Guild is a key Kids On the Land partner. They are passionate about teaching scholars about the importance of our honeybees. They bring their traveling bee hive and everyone is spellbound.

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