Activity #5 KOL – Using Your 5 Senses On a Nature Scavenger Hunt

We hope you are staying well and safe and that you have been enjoying getting reconnected to nature with our outside activities.

This next one will take some help from you. It is called Using Your 5 Senses On a Scavenger Hunt.

A scavenger hunt is a game where you are sent to look for certain items on a list. You do not have to collect the items, just check the name of the item when you find it.

What you must do before you begin is copy the list of items to find on your 5 Senses Scavenger hunt.

Supplies needed:

Paper and pencil

Your tools – your 5 senses


Check each item off your list as you find it.

SIGHT – Use your best observation skills.

Find something white

Find something tiny

Find something long

SOUND – Stop and be silent. Really listen.

Find something that makes a crunchy sound

Listen for a bird sound

Listen for the wind

SMELL – Use your nose – sniff the air

Find a flower with a scent

Find a smell you like

TASTE – Imagine

What do you see that you imagine would taste bad – What is it?

What do you see that you imagine would taste sweet – What is it?

TOUCH – Be careful

Find something smooth

Find something soft

Find something prickly

Find something bumpy

After you have found all the things you want to, just sit for awhile. Be quiet, maybe close your eyes, and just enjoy that you and your body are okay; that you are safe; today is a good day.

Mrs. Maddox