Activity #1 – Let’s go Outside

Hello from Kids On the Land,

While you are learning from home we have some fun Outdoor Activities for you and your family to experience.


Don’t forget those tools you have: YOUR FIVE SENSES – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste, and Touch. By just being outside, in your yard by yourself or with your family, you will feel reconnected to nature.

Take your tools…your 5 senses outdoors with you.

Begin by taking a deep breath – Breathing in and Breathing out. You may want to put your hand on your tummy and feel your hand going in and out.


What do you hear? Listen to the sounds all around you.
What do you see? Look at the colors of the sky, the trees, the grass, everything.
What do you feel? Feel the breeze (the wind) on your skin. Are hot, cold, warm, or cool?
What do you smell? Smell the air. Are there other smells in the air?
What do you taste? Taste your lips, taste the air.
Take another deep breath – Breathing in and Breathing out.

Thank your senses. Thank yourself for finding your outside place. “ Nature is alive.”